bring THE DLD to your event!

I'm very new at this whole speaking thing, but my heart's desire is to lead girls to Christ and show them what it is to be TRULY FREE!

Here is a list of speaking topics that fit with my calling at this point in my life. 
(I am also open to listening to the heart of your event, and prayerfully catering to that.)

Speaking Topics

Much of the material for this message will come right out of "The Don't Love Dare", but will be catered to the specific age group of ladies I am speaking to.

I'll talk about our issues with guys, where we go wrong, and most importantly about how only Jesus can fill those deep down places that we've been looking for guys to fill.

The heart of this message is about cultivating a real, deep and satisfying relationship with Christ and through that, being able to hold out for and prepare yourself for the man you were meant to be with.

This message is recommended for ladies aging 15-30ish. It would be great for a senior high group of girls, a college-aged group of girls, or a young-adult group of women. Again, I will be sure to cater the message to the specific age group I am speaking to.

Keeping Your Dignity and Purity Through College
This message is prepared specifically for college-aged girls, or a group of girls gearing up for college.

Often times, hundreds of miles away from everyone who loves and values us- college can be a slippery slope into partying, promiscuity, and just an overall neglect of our morals and relationship with God.

This seminar will help to show girls how truly valuable and precious and PIVOTAL this time in their life is, and encourage them to use it wisely, fostering a closer-than-ever relationship with Jesus, and preparing for their future roles as wives, mothers, and World Changers!

True Intimacy with Jesus? What does that even look like?
At a time when so many people are just "playing church", a lot of us have no idea what it means to to have a real relationship with Christ.

If we were to be gut honest with each other, the truth is that most of us...
-don't have a prayer life
-aren't sure that we really even know God
-and sure as heck don't really see Him moving in our lives

This is a message for the baby Christian, all the way up to the seasoned Christian, about rediscovering a real and true relationship with Jesus.

We're thirsting for it! 

And it's just on my heart so heavy that we women need to get back to a lot of the BASICS. 
-prayer and reading our Bibles (and how good messages and books are no substitues for these)
-being vulnerable at His feet. Just allowing ourselves to pour out in wailing and bellowing from our innermost parts.
-making regular time for Him, rather than only coming to Him when we have an agenda. Rediscovering what it means to just sit at His feet like an open book, allowing Him to speak and move and do with us what HE wants.

Our souls are so thirsty for the living water that can only be found in TRUE intimacy with Jesus!

This is a great message for women of all ages.

Please contact me for further information or if you're interested in having me speak at your gathering.